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Amy, Mother of High School Senior

His (Tanner's) perspective and outlook on the college experience, which can vary so much from person to person and school to school, offer many words of timeless wisdom. I highly recommend this book to any young man or woman that is considering college as their next step.


College Made Easy

My Personal Textbook of How-Tos and Don't-Dos of College

Get the most out of your college experience:

Save money, get the grades you want, make lasting friendships, and prepare for what comes next.

College Made Easy will:

  • Emphasize the importance of doing what you love

  • Help you navigate living at school, finding friends, balancing school, and more 

  • Avoid BIG mistakes at parties

  • Provide resources that could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours studying

  • Simplify the financial aid process (and maybe even lower your bill)

  • Reveal how to capitalize on the highlights and avoid the pitfalls of each year

  • Uncover all the hidden secrets of being successful in college

College Lecture

Jane, High School Senior

The whole last section is very comforting and I really enjoyed the book as a whole. It gives me "talking to mature older sibling vibe" which makes it nice and readable. It covers all my questions I had before reading (and more). An amazing read so thank you.

Hayden, High School Senior

Coming from a student who's a senior in high school this book has helped me tremendously. I had no idea what to expect going into college and I had no guidance. This book gave me so much information and knowledge about the college experience. Now, I'm confident and know what to expect.

Hannah, High School Senior

It helped me to feel a little less overwhelmed by this big step ahead of me. You're an extremely well spoken individual with lots of inspirational and wise input. This book flows very easily, is written phenomenally, and was most certainly a pleasure to read. Each word and chapter was so simple to understand. I think any student would be lucky to read this and gain the information you have given.

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The introduction and first two chapters really set the reader up for the college journey. We start with the importance of being happy and doing what you love. Being happy is key, and I wanted to highlight that. Then we go through the pre-college necessities like applying, picking a school you're comfortable with, and making the best decision for you. Chapter Two is incredible, I used my own experience and researched all kinds of packing lists. It really is the ultimate packing list. Right before Chapter Three, I talk about moving away from home and set the reader up for Move In Day and beginning college life. Enjoy!

---- Tanner



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