Hi, I'm Tanner
I was born in Sanford, Maine and have been living here all my life. I had what I would call a "normal" childhood, there certainly were some struggles, but I think that's something everyone shares. Life was put into perspective in high school when I fractured my skull during a soccer game. Life saving surgery, two screws, and a metal plate later, I've been trying not to waste time on things that don't matter. I have become obsessed with learning and trying new things to get the most out of my one go around. I went to college and have an engineering and business degree, but those things don't give me fulfilment. I've written a book, been a property manager, done web design, and a bunch of other really random things. Why? Because I'm on a journey of learning what I like and what I feel called to do. One thing I know, is that life is too short to be doing what you don't love to do. That's the entire introduction in my book. So, I'm searching to find what I love - what really lights a fire within me. I'm happy you've stopped by and learned a little about me. Now, I'm curious, what brought you here? What is your story and how can I help move you forward?

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